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You know how when someone is promoting a product such as an exercise program, a bigger and better phone, the best tasting food recipes, etc they are always talking about the benefits. When we are approached with this easy, benefit filled product we instantaneously want it. Then, after using these new and improved products, our lives are significantly easier and much more enjoyable.


What if I told you that adding any movement into your daily routine, will make your life also significantly easier and more enjoyable too. For one, your physical health will overall be exponentially better. Your heart rate and blood sugar will decrease, your weight will be more proportionate, you will have more energy, and the list keeps going on. Next, mentally your serotonin and oxytocin levels will sky rocket because when you take care of your brain it also benefits your brain. You will experience less brain fog, sharper thoughts, and a more motivated and happy mindset.

So if we know all of the benefits to moving our bodies, why doesn’t everyone do it as naturally as eating, drinking water, and sleeping? Well it’s hard and not nearly as easy as sitting on the couch or putting off til tomorrow! This is where exercise comes into play; movement is any kind of physical activity, but exercise is disciplined, structured, and planned movements. Exercise is having enough willpower to keep pushing through even though it is hard. It’s wanting something so bad that it is not just an aspiration, but an ambition. So how do we combine the two?

Movement exercise menus are the way to go when you are craving something different than just a typical gym workout! We don’t all wake up every day with the same amount of energy and drive. Some days, we wake up and we just want to roll over and pretend the day does not exist. Sometimes we are overly stressed, over tired, mentally drained, and the list goes on; this is where having options listed chimes in! I challenge you to create your own movement menu and set yourself up for success! The only person who is truly going to push you every day is you; what kind of you are you wanting to create?


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