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Alpha Queen Collective

At Alpha Queen Collective, we understand that true transformation and empowerment require more than just one coach or mentor. That's why we believe in providing our clients with a team of coaches and a badass collective of women to support them on their journey.

When you join the Alpha Queen Collective, you not only get access to the expertise and guidance of Karissa, our fearless leader, but you also gain a group of dedicated coaches who specialize in various aspects of life, health, mindset, and business.

Our team of coaches are handpicked for their unique expertise and passion for empowering women. Whether it's a health coach to help you achieve optimal well-being, a mindset coach to help you overcome limiting beliefs, or a business coach to guide you towards your goals, we've got you covered.

Ready to meet the Dream Team?

Karissa Adkins

As the Empress of Empowerment, Queen Maker, and Founder of the Alpha Queen Collective, Karissa Adkins is dedicated to supporting clients in their journey towards embracing their self-image, cultivating a powerful mindset, and implementing effective business growth strategies.

With her expertise and passion, Karissa helps women unleash their inner Alpha Queen, tapping into their innate power, confidence, and strength. Karissa empowers clients to step into their queendom and become the best version of themselves. As the visionary behind the Alpha Queen Collective, Karissa Adkins strives to inspire women to reclaim their power, make their mark, and rule their world with grace and unwavering determination.

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COACH Jessica

Social Media Monarch and Virtual Assistant Wizard

Jessica is our go-to expert for all things social media and outsourcing virtual assistant (VA) needs. As a skilled Social Media Growth Strategist, she creates customized plans and strategies to help our clients expand their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. Jessica also excels in coordinating and managing virtual assistant services, matching clients with the perfect VAs to assist in various administrative tasks, content creation, and social media management. Her expertise in social media management and VA coordination ensures that our clients receive top-notch support and guidance to quickly grow their businesses. With Jessica by your side, you can trust that your online presence will flourish, and your workload will be efficiently delegated to capable VAs, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Radiant Queen members – Receive (2) 60 min. Calls with Jessica + a social media growth plan

COACH Stephanie

Regal Wellness Maven

As our Regal Wellness Maven, Coach Stephanie is the ultimate expert in nutrition and fitness. With her profound understanding of the mind-body connection, she creates custom meal and fitness plans that perfectly align with each client's individual needs and goals. Through personalized coaching calls and engaging with a vibrant community on social media, Coach Stephanie inspires and empowers the Alpha Queens to embrace their inner strength, radiating a regal glow of health and vitality. With Coach Stephanie as your guide, you'll discover the true potential of both your body and mind, paving the way for a wellness journey fit for royalty.

COACH Cassandra

Queen of Seamless Systems and Solutions

Queen of Seamless Systems and Solutions Coach, Cassandra is dedicated to empowering our clients to work smarter, not harder, by leveraging the power of technology. She is passionate about teaching clients how to streamline their businesses and optimize their workflows, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Cassandra covers a wide range of coaching topics, including automations, basic funnel setup, new tech trends, SOPs, calendar setup, and systems.


Queen Concierge Extraordinaire

The royal caretaker of the Alpha Queen Collective. As the Queen Concierge, you will be the ultimate support system for our community, ensuring every Queen feels valued, motivated, and empowered. With her passion for uplifting others and your exceptional organizational skills, she will be the go-to person for all your needs, creating a truly regal experience.

Meet The 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ingrid Arna — CEO, Founder, Rainmaker and
the Priestess of Wealth

Ingrid is the authority in digital marketing. Referred to as the Million Dollar Brand Genius and the rainmaker, Ingrid is known for her fierce fusion of high-level strategy, copy and messaging, production development, and brand IP that produces epic growth and revenue for her clients. Ingrid is also the founder of the Gucci of online business programs 6-Figure Diva and 7-Figure Divamind and scaled her business from startup on a shoestring to a multimillion-dollar online education platform as a result. Her experience in corporate advertising, copy conversion, journalism, and TV development coupled with a deep knowledge of mind-body medicine makes Ingrid’s approach to business unique and powerful.

Ingrid works at warp speed with laser sharp focus and precision to build MILLION DOLLAR BRANDS. She is the epitome of heart, soul and fire combined, and her students often refer to her as the MODERN DAY LAKSHMI as she transforms their ideas and visions into leveraged courses, programs and transformational processes that also make bank! Ingrid’s work has been featured in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including:

When not coaching, Ingrid can be found hiking in nature, chanting divine prayers and writing her next book! Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.

Chris Johnston: Co-Founder, Resident Advertising and Tech Guru, Simplified
Systems Savante, and Lead Ad and Funnel Coach

Chris is the co-founder of the Ingrid Arna Company and hubby extraordinaire to Ingrid. He is not only a tech wizard, systems savante, and expert at simplifying big ideas, he also brings his talent for advertising and coaching to our students and company. Previously an engineer at a Fortune 500 company, Chris is now a strategic online engineer who turns big visions into high-return business solutions by mentoring our students in the mastery of paid advertising, funnels, offers and automated marketing systems. A self-proclaimed geek, he keeps his problem solving flow on fire by surfing the waves at Byron Bay and chasing after his and Ingrid’s rambunctious, sassy and super cute eight-year-old daughter!

Rebecca: Resident Healer, Alchemist and

Rebecca is a Cauldron Priestess, author, Red Tent facilitator, and founder of The Witch Academy and is dedicated to helping women remember and step into their inherent power. She is here to support you in your ascension as you release, rewrite and reconnect to your inherent power! For the past 20+ years, she's been working with women who have described themselves as feeling ‘out of sorts' but not quite able to put their finger on why they aren't feeling happy when externally things in their life seem ‘right'.

She works with our students on an energetic level (because here at Ingrid Arna, we know that mastering energy is as important as mastering strategy— afterall, money is energy). Rebecca helps you to embrace ALL of YOU, and not just the ‘pretty' parts.

With Rebecca’s mastery and magic, she’ll bring you home to your sovereign personal and financial power as you rewire every fiber of your being to create limitless success. With her support, you’ll create and nurture the energy, frequency and emotional IQ needed to build your divine empire with ease and elegance.


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