An Alpha Queen!

A Queen with a voice. A Queen with high levels of energy. A Queen with confidence. A Queen who walks the walk. A Queen who has been through the fire and risen from the ashes. A Queen who knows how to inspire, motivate, and empower women to level up and do the damn thing. A Queen who was born to lead, serve, influence, and create change. 

That Queen is Karissa Adkins

Karissa is able to bring practical real-world experience to all speaking engagements. It’s this magical concoction of personal setbacks and achievements paired with high-energy vibes that enables her to connect so deeply with her audiences and create inspiring transformational talks.

A Queen who has been through the fire and risen from the ashes.
She has conquered the personal challenges many women face, giving her a unique perspective on how to overcome various roadblocks. Her personal journey involves a complete mental, emotional, and physical transformation. Not only did she start a business and go through an emotional divorce, but she also achieved a 90-pound weight loss, successfully learned to manage an autoimmune disease, and learned how to practice self-love and acceptance.

OMG, you broke me open this weekend! Seriously, you evoked my sovereign goddess within, and I thank you so so much for being fricken incredible!



Want your audience to walk away from event feeling inspired, pumped up, and ready to UNLEASH the

Alpha Queen WITHIN



Ingrid truly has the secret sauce to upleveling your business and bringing out the best in you and your vision.

When I joined High-End Empire, I had no idea why my business wasn’t working. I felt really frustrated.

Ingrid's vortex really sets her apart from other coaches. Combined with her experience, strategies, stellar client care, and team of experts, she is positively impacting thousands of people around the world.

I’m now clearer than ever about my business and how to thrive and have given myself permission to allow my inner healer and coach to come forward. With Ingrid’s help, I now have my signature program and supporting products and more importantly the confidence to impact the lives of my clients and grow my business as much as I want.

I highly recommend hiring Ingrid and her incredible team to anyone who’s ready to seriously make shifts in the world and create abundance in their lives. Hiring Ingrid was one of the best business investments and decisions I’ve ever made.

Ingrid has a way of taking you right to the heart of your message and offer, strategically mapping it out, and articulating it with love and grace. Once you’re in that space of divine clarity, she then mobilizes you to GO, get your work OUT into the world, and SELL before you can think twice and shrink back into hiding again! I sold over $27K in two months for the first time in my business at lightning speed, and I know I’ll never pack my bags to go back to solo-preneur island again. And I keep selling and selling, as I serve. I’ve now surpassed six figures!



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Insights behind my signature talks

The truth is everyone experiences highs and lows in life. I don’t care if you work the drive-through line or if you're the most successful person in the world.
I believe that everyone goes through some tough shit. But what keeps people fighting when times get tough? How do you learn to embrace the crappy moments and bounce back even harder than before?

Resilience, Vulnerability, and being badassery is my superpower, having these powers has given me the ability to bounce back after every setback, hardship, and struggle.
Through my journey of setbacks, struggles and hard decisions I learned how to overcome obesity, strengthen my self-worth, grow my confidence, and start a successful coaching business. I found my freedom, love, happiness and the best part… I am living my best life!

  • check-gold
    the art and science of building a million dollar brand.
  • check-gold
    healing from trauma and suffering to become an online leader.
  • check-gold
    the rising of women in business in the feminine era and what this really looks like in the day-to-day running of an online empire.
  • check-gold
    how to leverage the power of social media to get millions of views online.
  • check-gold
    how to craft high conversion copy and establish a brand legacy.
  • check-gold
    why women hesitate to show up, speak up, and sell their work… and how releasing self-abuse and victimhood is key to bringing in clients consistently.
  • check-gold
    the fastest way to create consistent cash flow with no team and no advertising.
  • check-gold
    how to become a powerful speaker even if speaking on stage makes your want to hurl.
  • check-gold
    how to have MONEY BREAKTHROUGHS to grow a conscious business and rise into feminine power by following solid strategy and doing sacred energy work.
  • check-gold
    how to turn 50% of your conversations with potential clients into paying clients.
  • check-gold
    Ingrid’s system for ETHICAL and EFFORTLESS SALES, so you always enroll the clients you want and fill group programs.
  • check-gold
    the Formula for Financial Feminine Freedom.
  • check-gold
    how to work 12 or fewer days a month making 6 to 7 figures… doing what you LOVE.
  • check-gold
    how to identify and target your ideal customer to make sure you’re not wasting money on people who don’t want or need your product or services.
  • check-gold
    how to create cost-effective and entertaining ads that get SALES… not just ‘likes’, comments, and shares.
  • check-gold
    how to create landing pages that turn clicks into leads (the design, headlines, and buttons that convert).
  • check-gold
    the process of energetic and emotional healing that creates deep transformation and radical change for my clients who then sell $5K, $10K, and even $30K+ packages like hot cakes.
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    … and more!


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