Are you dreaming of becoming the best version of yourself, creating financial freedom, and leaving a legacy of greatness?

Welcome to The Alpha Queen Collective ™ 

Step into your Sovereign



If you are ready to claim your sovereign space as theAlpha Queen you were born to be you have to be willing to ditch the drama, excuses, and old ways of being.


Unleash the Goddess Within


Unleash the Goddess Within Activation is a transformative abundance manifestation course designed to unlock your inner potential and help you create the life of your dreams. These powerful guided meditations stem from ancient wisdom and modern techniques to empower you with the tools and mindset needed to attract unlimited abundance in all aspects of your life. 

Welcome to The Alpha Queen Collective ™ founded by Karissa Adkins

At the Alpha Queen Collective, we stand to empower ambitious women worldwide to embrace their full potential and achieve their goals and dreams with grace, courage, and confidence.

We believe that every woman has the innate power and brilliance to shine as the Alpha Queen she already is. Our mission is to create an inclusive, kickass community where women can come together, support each other, and unleash their true potential.

Glass ceiling action

Design the life of your dreams with our invitation to step into your sovereign liberation. Imagine experiencing amazing health, running a successful business or excelling in your career, nurturing a deep spiritual connection, practicing radical self-love, and living in ultimate abundance.

No longer will you be held back by limiting beliefs or societal circumstances. Unleash your true potential and claim your space as a force to be reckoned with.

Embarking on this transformative journey, you will discover your inner strength and embrace your true essence. Break free from the chains holding you back and embrace the freedom of living life on your own terms.

Take charge of your destiny and manifest the abundance, success, and fulfillment you deserve. Embrace your alpha queen essence and let your radiance shine. Step into your sovereign liberation and unleash your true potential now. 

Your time is now. Click below to start your transformative journey towards becoming the empowered, fearless, and unstoppable Alpha Queen you were always meant to be.

We have women

Selling $10,000 offers, melting 15lbs of fat off their bodies, reversing medications, and living life on their terms within 30 days of joining our programs. 

Our clients also go from surviving life to confident thriving badass Queens. 

This is the EPIC opportunity of a lifetime. The only question that remains is…

Are you ready for the epic ride of a lifetime?

Life is short. So why not live your best life?
Don’t you desire to live the most EPIC AF life?


Without working harder and sacrificing everything?

I know I did. 

The day I left the corporate grind, I unleashed the Alpha Queen within and claimed my sovereign space. I said hell yes to … My sexiest body, deep intimacy, 6-figure paydays, and true authentic alignment with who I “BE” in this world. 

All with 2 kids and a dog, I launched my business and built my million-dollar empire. 


ambitious Coaches, CEOs and badass women
into amazing


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where I share exactly how I went from broke and barely getting by to a million-dollar empire.

This is a new way of Being (healthy, wealthy, sexy, and a true Alpha Queen)

Want proof?

These Queens are living their best life

I went from $5K to $20K and then to $50K a month working with Ingrid and her amazing team!
- Shun, pastor

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I made $160K during my launch because of Ingrid’s wisdom, love and messaging genius. I’ve now built a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND.
- Chanti, copywriter and quiz

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I went from a corporate job I loathed to making over $30K a month!
- Jocelyn, business coach

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I’ve made $69K in a month and $204K over my first 10 weeks!
- Jen, business coach

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I birthed my sound healing and online music school and sold $200K working part time. I’ve never seen abundance like that in my life.
- Scarlett, sound healer

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I went from $12K months to $24K and then straight into a multi-six figure launch.
- Randina, NLP practitioner

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Ready to Unleash the Alpha Queen within and step into your personal sovereignty?

Let me guess…

You're ready to break free from the soul-sucking corporate gig and launch that epic dream business so that you can finally have flexibility, freedom, and queenly finances, but you have no idea where to start.

I got your back.

You're ready to take a stand for what you want out of life, but you don't feel like your not worthy enough, smart enough, or special enough to do it.

I see you, and I got your back.

You're ready to put yourself back on the front burner and get healthy so that you can feel confident and sexy, finally love what you see in the mirror, and never have to worry about being overweight again but you don’t know where to start, what to do, or even where to begin.

I got you!

I’m here to help you grow your confidence, create a sexy magnetic self-image, and help you create a business that leaves you feeling abundant, successful, and impactful with sisterhood, mentorship, and custom guidance.  

So I ask you: are you willing to let go of your old self-image and break free so that you can catapult yourself into a divine career, financial freedom, amazing health, and an unstoppable mindset or are you ok with staying stuck and feeling overwhelmed? 

It’s a choice that only you can make. 

Everything you need is available for you! You just have to be willing to grab the golden ticket and step into your sovereign space as the Alpha Queen that you were born to be. 

Just listening to Karissa on my epiphany call gave me energy and lit me up. I call her my angel on earth. Oprah talks about living your best life, and Karissa teaches you how to make that happen. My life accelerated the minute I said yes to joining the Alpha Queen Collective

Jodi, CEO of Authentically Designs

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Don’t leave without joining the queenly sisterhood of divine women.

Secure your front row seat to all our VIP events, masterclasses and more!


Don’t leave without joining the queenly sisterhood of divine women.

Secure your front row seat to all our VIP events, masterclasses and more!

Queen, you are here to leave a legacy of legendaryness behind. Let's break through the bullshit that’s kept you playing small, stuck, and living a less than awesome life and together lets unleash the Alpha Queen within.