8 Gym Habits to drop like it’s Hot!

Creating good healthy habits can change your life forever. But what gym habits should you drop like they’re hot?Here are my top 8 gym habits to leave behind.

8. Failing to Plan

Do you ever find yourself walking into the gym but not knowing what to do? Yikes not only does this waste your time, but it also kills the “GO VIBE.” Every Sunday I sit down and plan out my workouts. I think about each muscle group I want to work, and then I put pen to paper. This process takes me about 25 minutes and sets me up for the entire week, and you avoid the analysis paralysis at the gym.

7. Not Fully Charged

So you have a plan to work out your biceps and triceps, but when you arrive at the gym, you notice your iPod is dead. CRAP now you have to power through an excellent workout with nothing but the thoughts in your head driving you. UGH, this sucks! Make sure on Sunday you take the time to plug in all of your electronic devices. LOL

6. Chatty Cathy’s

Sure it’s nice to visit with friends in the gym, but sometimes these conversations can carry on and on. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say “Hey, it was nice seeing you today, but I should get back to crushing my workout.”

5. Afraid to Muscle Up

So you workout every day and you’re not seeing the results like you used to. It’s easy to get stuck in the same exercises, same classes, and same boring routines. Your muscles aren’t being “challenged” anymore. Don’t be afraid to step up the weight or increase the reps. Push your body and mind to the next level.

4. Holding your Breath

A big no-no that I am guilty of myself. It’s nice to have a partner there to remind you to breathe. Breathing correctly during your workouts not only helps keep your blood pressure under control, but it may also make you stronger.

3. Don’t Skip the Stretch

Skipping the stretching and cool down portion of your workout is not good for you. If you’re guilty of pushing out the last set of reps and skipping out on the cooldown process, you could be hurting yourself. Stopping your workout abruptly can sometimes cause dizziness or fainting. This is the time to slow down your heart rate and stretch

your muscles.

2. Couch Potato

Sure we all like to take the time to catch up on the latest TV show and veg out. When our muscles are sore, the best thing you can do for them is to keep them moving. So, take the time to read or watch a short TV show, but make sure to stand up and take a mini walk around the block to keep those muscles warm.

1. Lack of Focus on form

Guilty, yes there have been times that I have added a little too much weight to the bar. However, we need to check ourselves. If you can’t do the rep with proper form you need to lower the weight and try again. Bad form can and will get you seriously injured.


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