Brilliant to Burnout

No one is immune to stress and the first steps towards burnout are happening at a younger age. Children, teens, and adults are all over-scheduled, over-worked, under-rested, and frazzled. I once coached a senior leader named Kim. Kim’s strategy for dealing with back to back meetings included the following: Not drinking enough water (she said she had no extra time for bathroom breaks during the day), and she worked through her lunch breaks to get caught up on her voice messages. In addition, her average night at home was spent answering and catching up on emails instead of spending time with her family or doing something she enjoyed.

She hated that her kids and husband never saw her… and when she did carve out the time to be with her family, she told me that she wasn’t even very present in the moment. She was always thinking about work projects, deals, deadlines etc., etc. When I asked her about her sleeping, health, and self-care habits, she answered back, “I don’t have time to take care of myself, I have a hard time sleeping at night, and I haven’t worked out in years. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Her strategy call brought me to tears, when I got off the phone with Kim, I looked up and said “God, I know that I can help coach this women into living her best life, give her the courage to work with me.” Three days later…. Kim called me and said “Enough is enough, Karissa, I need and want your help.”

I was so happy to hear that she had decided that enough was enough and something needed to give. That day she made a commitment to herself, she said “I love my career, but I am not willing to sacrifice my health, family time, or my marriage for it. Karissa, let’s do this, when can I start coaching with you?”

When she first started working with me, she was stressed-out, not sleeping, unmotivated to workout, fueling her body with fast food and booze, and her relationship with her husband was hurting big time. I’m happy to announce that Kim has made some amazing shifts in her life. Together we created healthy boundaries and lifestyle habits around work, homelife, health, and self-care. Kim went from Brilliant, to Blah, to Burnout in less than 2 years in her career. With only six months of coaching, Kim went from Burnout to Brilliant. She is now living her best life and on her way to crushing some amazing health goals (Gosh, I love helping Babes like Kim Boss Up).

As a life and health coach I absolutely love what I do. It’s my job to inspire, motivate, and empower women to live their best life. I have helped 100’s of women make small lifestyle changes that have had big results. Every day I get to work with women just like Kim. I am so thankful that two years ago I made the jump from corporate to full time coach. If Kim’s story resonates with you and you are ready to go from Blah to Brilliant, it’s time to schedule a strategy session with me. I would be honored to help YOU Boss Up and live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

PS. Kim drinks plenty of water throughout the day now and has the time to take bathroom breaks, lol.


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